Hounds of Tindalos

“They are lean and athirst!” he shrieked . . .“All the evil in the universe was concentrated in their lean, hungry bodies. Or had they bodies? I saw them only for a moment, I cannot be certain.”

- Frank Belknap Long, The Hounds of Tindalos

The hounds of Tindalos dwell in the distant past of the earth, when normal life has not yet advanced past one-celled
animals. They inhabit the angles of time, while other beings (such as mankind and all common life) descend from curves.
This concept is hard to imagine and only seems to be used with respect to them. The hounds lust after something in mankind and other normal life, following victims through time and space to get it. They are immortal.

Just what these creatures look like is unknown, since those who meet them seem not to survive. A hound of Tindalos is unlikely to look like a hound dog and more like to be some form of alien terror consisting of razor-sharp teeth and claws, burning eyes and pulsating blue-tinged skin.

Because of their relationship with the angles of time, they can materialise through any corner if it is sharp (120° or less). The rooms of most human houses have walls that meet at 90°. When a hound manifests, it first appears as smoke pouring from the corner, from which the head and then the thing’s body emerges.
Once a human (usually an unwitting time traveller) has become known to one of these creatures, it will pursue the individual relentlessly to get to him. To figure the time before the hound of Tindalos reaches its prey, determine the number of years between the prey’s present time and the time when spotted by the creature. Then divide the number of years by 100,000,000 to get the number of days travel time for the hound.

Driven off by a target, a hound of Tindalos usually gives up. Unfortunately, such a creature is difficult to drive off.
Friends who come to a target’s aid may also become known by the creature and so will be pursued and attacked.

Hounds of Tindalos

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